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(or the age difference meme)

Society values youth and, admittedly, for good reason. It's a sign of health and vitality; psychologically, it represents unburdened potential and boundless energy. But there's something to be said for wisdom that comes through age and from creating life. Plus, current science says that the sexual peak may be later than we actually think.

Today, the hotel is celebrating those who've either lived enough into adulthood to have a child, or as they're coloquially known - the MILFS and DILFS. Just because you've had a kid, (potentially) settled down, and are all "responsible" doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. The staff has worked hard on providing a proper environment: either a. a suburban neighborhood, b. a facsimile of your character's canon(s), or c. a nebulous AU of your choosing. The young guys and gals will do the rest.

What's the Story?

Cougars? You're not being satisfied in your current relationship, but there's something about this youthful person that gets your fire started. It may be wrong, you might feel guilty, but you want some relief, and they could give it to you. Now, to get their attention...

The One Thing You Can't Have? The shoe's on the other foot, and you're the younger party jonesing for that hot, experienced MILF/DILF. Problem is, they think you're just a kid! They won't give you the time of day at all. Can you prove that you're not the little boy that you used to be, you're all grown up and you're begging Stacy please -

Mommy and Daddy Kink? No one's here to play Freud, but sometimes, lacking a role models early in life can seek someone looking for them later, searching for someone who can give them love, pampering, or discipline.

It Would Be My Honor to be Your New Step Father: Uh-oh. The MILF/DILF you're seeing? They're your friends mom or dad! That's likely to put a strain on the relationship.

MILF or DILF to Be: They're not a MILF or DILF yet, but you're about to change that. The obligatory "unsafe sex" or "impregnation" option.

In the Family? Nobody knows you quite like your own family, so maybe that older relative, parent, or sibling can set you on the right path.

Ageplay? The difference in your ages is the point, and it's what turns you on. The two of you are sure to bring it up and play it up often.

Curiosity? You're tired of people who are immature, or you want to relive earlier days. It's just for fun!

Hot for Teacher? Parents aren't the only ones in positions of power.

Illegal? The younger party is young enough for this to be a danger.

Blackmail? I'm sure your spouse would love to see this...on a porno website!

My character isn't a MILF or a DILF, but I want to play them as such! No problem! Feel free to AU and age up. The meme is also left open ended enough that those without kids can be the "older" parties; given the average age of the characters usually played, qualify for the "older" party means being mid-to-late twenties at least, with the ideal minimum being 27-30. Play it fast and loose with everything and throw in other kinks as need be!

When posting, feel free to mention your preferences in the comment, or use the form below:

Older or Younger Party?:
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